The Glabbr Saga

Retold Just For You

The year was 2016. The month, July. On the rainy evening of the 9th, a powerful product – GLABBR was born. The product each one of you going to love and use. Glabbr was created to give Users their own, private social messaging platform. Started with initial thought to create small chat server and client application. And how the Glabbr tech community come into existence.

Our Team decided to keep our first product name as company's name too and it became Glabbr India Pvt. Ltd. - a tech community of like-minded, purpose driven and passionate people. The journey began and picked up the momentum since then. Within 6 months of inception, Glabbr get recognized as official Startup by Department of Policy and Promotion, Government of India. On 10th month, Glabbr was selected as Technical Partner for consulting on Communication Technologies by world’s 2nd largest machine tools manufacturing company from Japan.

Innovate. Ideate. Implement. Inspire.