What's new in Glabbr Messenger?

Jun'17 11

Glabbr Messenger is a brand new #MadeInIndia messenger into market launched worldwide on 7th of June by an Indian tech community named Glabbr India.

Features in short which makes it different from existing Messengers in India:

• No need to share your phone number to chat.

Username based identity, which can be shared publicly just like we share our Twitter or Instagram identities, making it flexible to tell someone.

Granular Level Privacy: It has very fine options to control what you want to share and show to others, making it a great option for people. Many a times it happens that we want to hide our last seen or online from only few people, but in other apps those settings gets applied for all users, but Glabbr messenger allows to do that at User level, making it more usable and friendly.

Groups: Phone numbers are not shared among the members of the groups, making it private along with other quality of life features like “Mention a user” and “Reply/Quote” a message.

Passcode Lock: We often have to share our phone with others, so to keep our messengers private, an additional App Locker is used which often has drawbacks. In Glabbr Messenger, there is an inbuilt mechanism to add a Password, PIN and Fingerprint as lock for the app with additional options to set when to autolock the Glabbr messenger.

Accept Request for Groups: Glabbr messenger gives freedom if you want to be part of a group or not. You don’t get bombarded with unknown groups and their messages!

Share Any Type of File: Even today other messengers have huge restrictions over Media type and size which can be shared. Glabbr allows any type of media with higher file size.

Support for Android Auto: You can send and receive messages while driving by using the voice controlled navigation of Android Auto. Notifications are also displayed instantly on the Android Auto device.

Indian languages support: Apart from English, Glabbr is available in Hindi and Marathi languages too. It not only enables native users to use it easily in their own languages but also give pleasant experience to first time users.

• Above all, Its absolutely free of cost!

The platform is free of bots and advertisements making it a private place to chat at comfort.

Why are you waiting for? Let's connect on Glabbr!

You can get the app at Glabbr Messenger – Android Apps on Google Play